Rise is a nonprofit developer and development consultant and provides predevelopment lending and capacity-building technical assistance and training to other nonprofit community development organizations (CDCs), government agencies and institutions in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Rise also plays a leadership role in community development policy and affordable housing advocacy locally and throughout Missouri and Illinois.

With a focus on sustainable success, we strive to create stronger communities and more desirable places to live. We help turn neighborhood visions into realities of vibrant living areas that attract people and small businesses. By pursuing opportunities to help foster thriving communities and local economies in St. Louis, we help advance the regional economy.


Community Development Support

Rise provides capacity building technical assistance to St. Louis area community development corporations (CDCs). Our capacity building programs help CDCs successfully undertake the efforts needed to revitalize their neighborhoods.

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Data & Information

Rise maintains a variety of data for areas throughout the St. Louis region. We also assist in the collection and creation of new data specific to a particular development or neighborhood.

With our strong focus on open data, Rise also engages in public education, serving as a link between hard civic data and public information, which helps to keep St. Louisans informed about their region.

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Real Estate Development

Rise acts as both a developer and a development consultant, utilizing a proven strategy to catalyze the neighborhood revitalization process. Combining a community-based model with seasoned financial expertise, we make neighborhood-based real estate more economically feasible and attractive.

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Consulting Services

Rise provides residential development and data services to communities throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.  We offer a full complement of real estate development consulting services tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

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Things we don’t do

We do a lot at Rise, however we do not offer the public services such as housing assistance, counseling, or family support.

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