Making a Difference in the St. Louis Community Through the Sustainability Program at Washington University in St. Louis

Brian H. Hurd, Technical Assistance Program Manager at Rise, begins teaching this fall as an adjunct professor in the Sustainability Program at Washington University in St. Louis.  Brian will be teaching a course titled “Planning Sustainable and Racially Equitable Urban Communities,” in the institution’s University College.

With over 20 years of professional practice, Brian is a leader at the center of building diverse and inclusive communities by aligning planning, investment, and partnerships to meet today’s challenges, equitably.  He will bring his experience to support the development of a new generation of dynamic leaders who will be better equipped to work effectively in diverse communities.

Most students enrolled at the University College are from St. Louis and grew up in the region.  They have a real deep knowledge and desire to make a difference in the St. Louis community. Brian will be teaching University College students who are from a wide variety of backgrounds and are remarkably different because they are more experienced. They have life experiences. They have families. Sometimes they are 20 to 30 years into their career so they bring a very different perspective.

Brian will assist the University College with building a program that serves students who are interested in understanding how they can apply sustainability principles in their built environments and communities — either through the certificate program, the degree program, or individual courses.

To contact Brian, call (314) 333-7012 or email  [email protected].

To learn more about the sustainability program and the professional and continuing education division, click HERE or contact the following:

Office of Admissions and Student Services

Washington University in St. Louis

University College

Campus Box 1085

11 N. Jackson Avenue, Suite 1000

St. Louis, Missouri 63105-2153

(314) 935-6700 or [email protected]

Brian Hurd

Technical Assistance Program Manager/Rise