Affordable Housing Trust Fund Task Force Survey

In June of this year, St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger signed an executive order creating an Affordable Housing Trust Fund Task Force. This Task Force will identify the best way to set up a housing trust fund in St. Louis County.

A housing trust fund is a distinct fund established by county government that receives ongoing dedicated sources of public funding to support the preservation and production of affordable housing and increase opportunities for families and individuals to access decent affordable homes.

Task Force Charge

The Task Force is charged with developing recommendations for establishment of a housing trust fund in St. Louis County, including:

1. An outline of strategic funding priorities to address affordable housing and related needs of the citizens of St. Louis County.

2. The amount of revenue needed to meaningfully fund these priorities and identification of potential revenue sources, including existing financial resources that could be reallocated and any possible new sources of revenue.

3. The appropriate governance and administrative framework for the fund, including guidelines for distribution of funds.

4. Other complementary policy proposals that would enhance the establishment and functionality of the fund, as necessary.

The 18-member group is meeting monthly between June and December and plans to submit its report with recommendations to the County Executive in the first quarter of 2019. The County Executive’s Office, St. Louis County Planning Department and Human Services department are supporting the task force.

Provide Input

Do you think you would be eligible for programs offered by an affordable housing trust fund? Help determine funding priorities. Take one of the surveys today! December 12, 2018, is the survey deadline.

Are you a stakeholder who would like to tell us what you think about the work of this task force?

Stakeholder Survey (pdf)