It’s the time of year when we ask our partners (some new, some long time, and some yet to be) to help us with our annual appeal. We have a goal of $15,000 to reach for 2016. Please take a moment to read a letter from our Executive Director and then join us in “lifting our communities”!

With your help, Rise has been creating stronger communities and more desirable places to live for almost 20 years! You are empowering the people of St. Louis by partnering with Rise.

What would the St. Louis region look like without us?

Can you imagine?

Living in a small trailer with no relief from the St. Louis summer heat or the bitter cold we get during the winter?

Thanks to you, Aaron, Alisha, Matthew and Dylan now live in a new, energy efficient home, in a safe, welcoming neighborhood.



Also, thanks to you, Rise, and Messiah Lutheran Church, this family of Bhutanese refugees will no longer have to live  in substandard housing and be potential victims of street crimes. They can’t wait to be living in a safe neighborhood.  We are almost as excited as they are.

Without Rise, The Grove, as we know it today, may not have come into being.

Some of my favorite places in the Grove are The Atomic Cowboy, which has great Tex-Mex (and great music!), Urban Chestnut- the best craft brew in town, and of course Rise Coffee House (no relation!).

Many of us still remember when the neighborhood was facing serious problems and disinvestment in the 1990s. Now, instead of featuring illicit drugs and street crime, you have an endless choice of places to eat or enjoy the night life.

Thanks to our partnership, the Grove has become a vibrant community with great schools, thriving businesses, and a growing population.

Adams Grove is our next exciting project in the neighborhood. It’s going to be a place where policemen, teachers, new Americans, entrepreneurs-people from all walks of life, can live in harmony.

St. Louis needs Rise and Rise needs YOU! Please contribute to the 2016 Rise Annual Appeal and be part of the continued revitalization of St. Louis.

Thank you for your partnership.acree-sig-transparent-blue
Stephen Acree, Executive Director/President
P.S. We would love to take you on a tour and show you around so you can see the before and experience the after.